Coyote Crooners Disclosure 2015-16
Welcome to Coral Cliffs Elementary School’s choir! We are a musical group that has the opportunity to learn songs perform them for our friends and family in the community. Please read this disclosure carefully as it has all the important information you should need as a participant this year.

Days & Times

Choir is held every Tuesday and Thursday unless otherwise instructed by Mr. Jacobsen and Mrs. Banuelos. Choir will begin at 7:45 am and end at 8:30 am on these days.


Because we have such a limited time to prepare for each of our concerts and performances, attendance is extremely important. We will be enforcing the following attendance policy:
  • Absences MUST be excused by a signed note from a parent and given to Mr. Jacobsen or Mrs. Banuelos within a week of the absence.
  • If a student reaches 4 unexcused absences, they will be no longer permitted to participate in choir.
  • BE ON TIME! Tardiness of more than 10 minutes is a disruption for everyone. Tardies will be recorded.
  • 5 tardies will be the equivalent of 1 unexcused absence.


This year we will be using the Coral Cliffs school t-shirt. The polos used in the past ended up being too much of a hassle and financial burden on our participants. The school shirt is new this year so it must be purchased. They are regularly $8. If a parent signs up for the PTA, the shirt will only cost $6. Please purchase this shirt as soon as possible through the office so that you can perform with us. STUDENTS WITHOUT A SCHOOL SHIRT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PERFORM.


Students will be expected to behave like leaders while they are at choir. If a student is disruptive to the learning process, they will be asked to leave and will receive and unexcused absence. If the behavior persists, they will no longer be allowed to participate.
  • If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Jacobsen ( or Mrs. Banuelos (